Police Seek To Detain Auctioneer Behind Westlands Demolitions

The DCI has applied to the court for an order to detain auctioneer Zachary Barasa, who is accused of being behind the illegal demolitions of a multi-million shilling house in Westlands.

Baraza is accused of leading twenty-five people to the Shah family home in the Westlands Area, along School Lane, where they vandalized property worth Ksh 70 million.

The DCI, through Sergeant Eric Onyango, argued before Milimani Senior Principal Magistrate Gilbert Shikwe that they are yet to recover the Shah’s household goods taken away by the goons led by Baraza.

According to the court, Niraj Shah and her husband misplaced items worth approximately Ksh 70 million.

Officer Onyango revealed that the stolen items may have been sold on Baraza’s orders and that detaining him for more days will aid in their recovery.

“The fourteen days would allow us to record statements from key witnesses and apprehend Baraza’s accomplices,” she explained.

According to an affidavit filed in court by Onyango, Baraza is a flight risk because he (Baraza) initially declined the summons to appear before the investigators.

Onyango continued, “It took specialized technology and money to find and apprehend Baraza. Furthermore, the crimes for which he is being investigated are serious, increasing the temptation to flee.”

The court heard that some of Baraza’s accomplices who have yet to be arrested may be used as prosecution witnesses and that there is a possibility of him (Baraza) interfering with them if he is not detained, making investigations difficult.