Kilifi County lays plans for a School for Teen Mothers

Tired by the increasing number of girls getting pregnant in their teen years, plans are in top gear to build a school for such girls in Ganze, Kilifi County – By Ramadhan Kambi 

According to Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire, various education stakeholders are currently being engaged to convert the Kafuloni Secondary school to a model school high school for teen mothers. 

“We have a scenario where girls become pregnant and decide to go back to school after delivery. But often they are stigmatized in the mainstream secondary schools and that is why we want to build a secondary school where admissions will only be done to those who got pregnant while in school and are willing to continue with their education,” Mr. Mwambire. 

The MP further said the girls will get constant counseling on how to continue with their lives. 

“Our community victimizes girls who get pregnant at a tender age. This has made many girls feel like outcasts in the community. We want them to get full-time counseling while at school so that they do not feel like getting pregnant is the end of their lives,” he added. 

A breastfeeding chamber will also be set up at the school for the girls who will be breastfeeding. 

“We want to rekindle hope in these girls. We want them to have a future they can look up to. We do not want a situation where they will be desperate to the point that the only thing they see is marriage to older men. We want them to have a focus in life. We want them to understand they can start all over again,” said the MP. 

Local residents are upbeat that finally, the institution shall rescue many girls who have been unable to join their previous school because of shyness. 

“Most girls’ who get pregnant fear going back to school because of the stigma but once they have their own institution, then it will be a game changer,” said James Charo. 

Kafuloni secondary was started in 2012 as a mixed secondary school. The school was however abandoned last year after most of the classrooms were blown off by heavy winds. 

The school will be the third girl’s school in Ganze after Mwangea and Ganze girls’ secondary school. 

The Ganze NG-CDF is also in the process of building three more girls’ high school in Mayowe, Kachororoni and Bamba. 

“Finally, Ganze Constituency will have Mwangea, Ganze, Mayowe, Kachororoni, Bamba and Kafuloni as Girls boarding Secondary Schools. I am confident this will bolster the education standards in Ganze. 

Ganze started a rescue centre for suspected witches and wizards 11 years ago. This has drastically reduced the number of killings of the elderly.