Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to undergo marriage counseling separately

Kanye has had quite a year from dealing with bipolar to vying for US presidency and now the divorce. The two have been living separately and are undergoing marriage counselling

The two have been married since 2014 and the have four children together North 7, Saint 5, Chicago 2 and Psalms 1. They have been married for 7 years now

Kanye who is 43 and Kim 40 years are both hands-on when it comes to their kids and a source close to the couple said they are dealing with normal marital issues and there are no third parties involved.

“Kanye loves his extended family and they are super close, they have been going to therapy and they are working on their marriage .divorce has been off and on but they are trying to work things through

When he first declared himself a presidential candidate he ranted against historical icon Harriet Tubman and he said the Underground Railroad conductor never freed the slaves she had them working for white people.”

Harriet was a black American who escaped slavery and she helped enslaved black men and women travel north and she fought for the union during civil war. She then became a supporter of women’s suffrage.

Kanye also spoke about abortion saying “I almost killed my daughter saying that he and Kim considered terminating the pregnancy. Even if my wife was to divorce me after this speech she brought north to the world even when I didn’t want to, she stood up and protected that child.”

He also went on to claim that her mother in law and Kim wanted to lock him up because I cried about saving my daughter life yesterday.

Following the accusation Kim went on to support her husband saying “as many of you know Kanye has a bipolar disorder anyone who has this or has a loved one with this knows how painful it is to understand. I understand Kanye is a subject to criticism because he is a public figure and his action sometimes can cause strong opinions and emotions, he is a brilliant but complicated man on top of being an artist and a Blackman who experienced the loss of his mother and has to deal with a lot of pressure of his bipolar disorder .those who know Kanye know his words do not align with his intentions “

This is the third marriage of Kim and first of Kanye. None of them have spoken about their separation publicly.