Kimani Ichungwa Pushes For Pastors To Get Gov’t Appointments

Kimani Ichung’wah, a Kikuyu MP, has asked President William Ruto to consider giving preachers jobs in exchange for their support in his presidential campaign.

On Sunday, during an interdenominational thanksgiving prayer service in Kabarnet, Baringo County, the MP said the clergy had played an active role in Ruto’s victory in the August General Election.

During his sermon at the Kabarnet ASK showground, Africa Inland Church Bishop William Kotut urged the president to consider the welfare of pastors.

“What Bishop Kotut was requesting, I have heard him ask for a job and I want to ask you to find him, and other pastors, jobs. They supported us in prayer and you have confessed before that you would not have been president if not for prayers, and it is true. Their prayers made you president,” Ichung’wah said.

The Kikuyu MP also urged Ruto to act quickly on youth unemployment and alcoholism.

“He has also pinpointed major problems such as youth unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as corruption,” he said.

Ichung’wah claimed Ruto won the August 9 presidential election despite “betrayal” by an unnamed brother, referring to the biblical story of Joseph’s betrayal by his brothers.

He described Ruto’s election victory as a special gift from God meant to rescue Kenyans from the country’s problems.

“The bishop’s teachings reminded me of Genesis 50, when Joseph’s brothers, who had betrayed him, went back to ask him for forgiveness. It is similar to how you were betrayed by your brother whom you campaigned for. Joseph told them ‘You intended harm on me but God intended good to accomplish what is being accomplished now to save many lives’,” said the MP.

“Mr President, save the lives of these people by restoring the dignity of our economy to one that works and creates job opportunities for our youth so that we can stop losing them to alcohol,” he added.