King Kaka Shuts Down Rumors Of Family Split

King Kaka is setting the record straight! After whispers of a break-up with his wife, Nana Owiti, the rapper says it’s all FAKE NEWS.

Some reports even went wild, claiming Nana fled the country with the kids! King Kaka is shutting that down too, calling out content creators for spreading these harmful rumors.

He says they don’t chase clout, especially when it hurts their family.

“I don’t clout chase, especially when it comes to family issues, nor does Nana, I was not even going to address this but the fact that it touches family, I have to,” King Kaka said

“Nana is in the country the kids are in the school, jana hata wameenda shule leo hata tumepiga story, so mi nashangaa ata hizo story zinatoka wapi,”

The allegations of their separation emerged shortly after King Kaka’s recent birthday celebration.

On May 7, Nana posted a heartfelt video of their children singing a birthday song for the musician.

Nana expressed her best wishes for the special occasion, emphasizing the joy the musician brings to their family.