KoKo Kamillah speaks out after a viral photo with Omar Lali

Kamillah has gone on to dismiss the claims that her and Omar Lali could be dating she said that the two of them were just old friends.– By Stephanie Mwangi.

“So I woke up today with lots of DMs and WhatsApp messages of people telling me that I am trending for the wrong reasons. Someone took a photo of me and my old friend and posted it online with totally out of context captions and I am now just enjoying the show. “ The picture was posted by Cyprian Nyakundi

Lali was known to the public back in May 2020 after the death of Tecra Mungai the Keroche Heiress who was her lover /fiancée.

Lali was arrested since he was identified as a suspect in the death of Tecra but then he was released in July 2020 after the DPP dropped the charges and called for an open quest. Tecra fell down the stairs at a private home in Shela Lamu where they both lived together.

People went on to comment saying “Omar deserves an honorary award by the power vested in you by the boy child constitution you should consider him Mr. President.”

Omar Lali is a fisherman at the coastal region and he has been on the low since the incident