Koskei: Criminals Using My Name To Extort Money From State Offices

    State House Chief of Staff Felix Koskei has raised an alarm over a worrying trend of criminal elements extorting money from state officers in his name.

    In a statement on Friday, August 9, 2023, Koskei, who doubles up as Head of Public Service, said the “crooks” have been moving from one government office to another intimidating senior civil servants for financial favours.

    Koskei further revealed that the fraudsters have been targeting desperate Kenyans seeking jobs and government services.

    “It has regrettably come to my attention that unscrupulous criminal elements are moving from one government office to the next intimidating state officials and extorting money in my name,” Koskei said in a statement shared on Twitter.

    He urged Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries and parastatal heads to report such cases to relevant authorities for further action.

    “I call upon Cabinet Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, and CEOs of state corporations to be wary of these crooks and promptly report them to the appropriate authorities for swift action,” he added.

    He warned that stern action will be taken against any person linked to the fraud.

    “The era of criminals taking advantage of gullible Kenyans seeking jobs and government services by misusing names of senior state officials is long gone, and firm action will be taken against these elements,” Koskei warned.

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