Likoni accident victim John Mutinda was in abusive marriage-says family

John Mutinda the deceased(left) and his vehicle after being retrieved from Indian ocean(right) |PHOTO: Courtesy

The family of john Mutinda, man who plunged in to the Indian Ocean at the Likoni channel,now reveals that he was in an abusive marriage that could have triggered his thoughts to end his life.

The family’s spokesperson spoke during an interview with a local TV station where he stated that Mutinda had previously attempted to take away his own life due to the issues at home.

Carol Paul said that the deceased had conflict with his wife Ruth Mueni and was at one point burnt with hot water after an argument with his wife.

Carol said that mutinda was of sound mind but the family is convinced that there were just too much problems at home.

However when Mueni previously spoke to the media she said that her husband had mental illness and that on the night of the accident Mutinda had a bad dream.

“On Saturday, a few minutes to 4AM, I was woken up by my husband’s strange screams. He was shouting; ‘Siji,siji(I am not coming, I am not coming)’

“I moved closer to him and realized he was dreaming. I shook him in order to wake him up from the bad dream. He did not wake up immediately,” Mueni said.

Mutinda later woke up after a few minutes and  revealed to his wife that in the dream his late father who died in 2012 had ordered him to go and meet him at a well in Kitui central.

Mueni saud that she asked her husband to join her in prayers but he refused saying that his father wanted to see him urgently and that he could not waste another minute in the house.

Mutinda drove off the ramps from the main landslide of the Likon channel last Sunday at 4.20AM plunging in to the deep Indian Ocean.

John Mutinda’s wife Ruth Mueni |PHOTO: Courtesy