Lil Wayne and Kodak Black pardoned by Donald Trump

In his last day in office Trump on late evening of Tuesday he pardoned over 100 people including his former campaign manager Steve Bannon and also former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Lil Wayne who was charged for illegally possessing a firearm in Miami while on a jet. Lil Wayne has been in prison before in 2007 for being in possession of a weapon for eight months.

How the federal police got to know about him being in possession of a fireman was a tip from an anonymous person. He was also in possession of hard drugs but he wasn’t convicted for the drugs he got convicted for the illegal firearm which he says was a gift for father’s day.

 People actually weren’t surprised by lil Wayne being pardoned by Trump because he endorsed him to get re-elected in October last year. And he received lots of criticism.

Kodak black was in prison after pleading guilty to a fire arm possession charge and he was detained at the Canadian-American border in March 2020