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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Local NRG Radio gets a taste of Kipchoge’s Two-hour Challenge for ‘Kipchoge Radio’ Stunt

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Bubbly NRG Radio landed themselves in hot soup after Eliud Kipchoge, through a lawyer, gave them two hours to remove his name, and images from their brand.

The #Kipchoge challenge that was allegedly meant to award the undefeated athlete a brand new BMW car, if they could get 1 Million people to follow them on Instagram, hit a wall after a ‘breach of Brand Rights’ law suit knocked on their door.

” Dear @NRGRadioKenya

Cc. @EliudKipchoge @WachiraLynne

Here, find our Demand Letter on behalf of Eliud Kipchoge … https://t.co/i5Uteok7Qv ” Read the tweet by his Lawyer, Donald Kipkorir.

Conditioned at 2 hours, NRG Radio corrected their brands, and removed Kipchoge’s images from their social media.

This was how Kenyans reacted:

When NRG Radio posted their kocho kocho sijui oooh we want ti gift kipchoge a car, i wrote against it, some guy in my Dm shouted me down that niwache wivu, you see now. They have been sued. Sasa wapeane hio gari bila conditions
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/2vZLjD9mcu

And just like that NRG Radio have changed from Kipchoge Radio to mashujaa Radio pretending as if they didn’t receive a law suit from Eliud Kipchoge 🤣🤣 #KwaGroundVituNiDifferent https://t.co/NeBDjNwukz

NRG Radio is reaping the benefits of hiring half baked individuals and USIU dropouts who understand nothing about media law and ethics.

And then…

Another unprofessional malbuvermonics from NRG Radio. Such ruddentumatics shouldn’tho unpunished – PLO Lumumba Parody account

Source : Twitter

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