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Maendeleo Ya Wanawake To Intervene In Teen Pregnancy Menace

Kilifi County’s Maendeleo Ya Wanwake Organization (MYWO) chairperson Witness Tsuma has vowed to support efforts to end the plight of girls and the increasing cases of teen mothers in the County. 

Speaking at Titanic hotel in Kilifi town after meeting University students, Ms. Tsuma said the agony of listening to the ever-increasing cases of unwanted pregnancies is too much to bear and a long-lasting solution has to be put in place. 

She further supported the idea of opening a school for the young mothers in Ganze that was initiated by Ganze MP Teddy Mwambire last year. 

“The cases of unwanted pregnancies and an increasing number of teen mothers is agonizing. But because we are leaders, then we must find a long-lasting solution to this problem. I fully support the idea of Ganze MP who started a school for the young mothers in Kilifi,” she said. 

Ms. Tsuma who has declared her interest in the Kilifi County Woman Rep seat said she hopes to find donors who will support the school by building a new block to include more sessions for the girls. 

“I am in full support of the idea of having a young mother’s secondary school in Ganze. Such institutions must even be set in other places around the county. My wish is for that school to have more buildings to include more activities including counseling centers for the girls,” she said. 

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In response, Mr. Mwambire said he is ready for any person who will support the idea of assisting the school because it means a lot for the young mothers who want to pursue their education even after a false start. 

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“We welcome everyone on board including our MYWO chair in Kilifi County. The most important thing in all this is to make sure that our girls get an education which is their constitutional right even after they got pregnant along the way. It’s an effort worth nurturing and making it happen,” the MP said. 

One of the students Felix Mutuku also lauded the plan by the MP and asked the MYWO chairlady to make sure that the dream of the girls in Ganze and in Kilifi in generally becomes a reality. 

“We support mama Maendeleo for this noble plan and her efforts will go in a long way to assist the girls and also fulfill the dreams of the Ganze MP who wants to make sure that girls have good education even after facing challenges in their lives,” said Mr Mutuku. 

According to Mr Mwambire, Kafuloni Secondary school will be a model school high school for teen mothers.  

“We have a scenario where girls become pregnant and decide to go back to school after delivery. But often they are stigmatized in the mainstream secondary schools and that is why we want to build a secondary school where admissions will only be done to those who got pregnant while in school and are willing to continue with their education,” Mr Mwambire.  

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The MP further said the girls will get constant counseling on how to continue with their lives.  

“Our community victimizes girls who get pregnant at a tender age. This has made many girls feel like outcasts in the community. We want them to get full-time counseling while at school so that they do not feel like getting pregnant is the end of their lives,” he added.  

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A breastfeeding chamber will also be set up at the school for the girls who will be breastfeeding.  

“We want to rekindle hope in these girls. We want them to have a future they can look up to. We do not want a situation where they will be desperate to the point that the only thing they see is marriage to older men. We want them to have a focus in life. We want them to understand they can start all over again,” said the MP.  

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