Man Develops IED Bomb Detection System

A group of young innovators from Kilifi County have developed an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detecting system to help in the war against terrorism in the country.

Eagan Baya, an innovator from Coast Team Innovators, said the reason for coming up with the system was due to the constant incidents of IED attacks witnessed in different parts of the country.

He spoke at the Kilifi County innovation exhibition organized by young innovators in partnership with the county Government to showcase the different innovations.

Baya said terrorists have been targeting civilians, military personnel, and other security officers, which has affected the economy. The idea of innovators coming together to bring such solutions will make the country and the world a better place in the future.

Some of the materials used to make the IED detecting system are imported, some are improvised, and others are locally made.

Felkin Kaingu, the Kilifi County CEC Member for ICT, said they were privileged to host the innovators to showcase their innovations and talents. He said they are committed to creating a conducive environment to create employment for themselves and will engage their youth and people more as the businesses and innovations showcased at the exhibition are unique.

Samson Menza, Director of Blue Economy and Green Economy at Abled Dream Community Based Organization, said the Exhibition of Innovators was a collaborative initiative between them and the county Government to showcase some of the great innovations that the people of Kilifi have done.

He said the Kenya Bureau of Standard were present to build the partnership with the innovators and ensure the products made are of the quality required for the benefit of the entrepreneur and meet the recommendations of the market.

Christophe Young from Kijani Customs Solutions said their core function and mandate is to provide clean water to everybody who requires it.

They have the technology available now and offer quite a number of systems and solutions that enable that in a sustainable way. They are trying to move away from single-use plastics and have treatment solutions across the board from Wastewater to source water treatment and clean drinking water solutions as well.

In conclusion, the Kilifi County Innovation Exhibition showcased the diverse creativity and products of young innovators in Kilifi County, aiming to create a better future for the country and the world.