Man Dies After Pursuing His Wife Neighbour’s Compound

Written By John Mutiso 📝

A man who battered his wife last evening lost his life, after the woman escaped to another man’s house seeking refuge and he pursued her.

According to a report by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Fabian Omanyala assaulted his 53-year-old wife at their house in Kakemer, Busia County, after a domestic argument that swiftly turned into a torrent of blows and kicks.

When the woman could no longer bear the battering she sought refuge at Robert Amukule’s homestead, but the unrelenting husband followed her baying for her blood.

“Amukule, who had heard the ensuing commotion quickly came to the aid of the woman by launching a projectile from a catapult, that killed Omanyala instantly,” the DCI said.

The killer projectile which could not be immediately identified, hit the deceased on the forehead sending him sprawling on the ground. 

Well-wishers’ attempts to get him to the nearby Korosiendet dispensary failed when he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Teso-based detectives have launched a manhunt for Amukule as he immediately went into hiding after the incident.

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