Man drives truck into protesters on Minneapolis highway

minneapolis trucker
Creator: Eric Miller | Credit: REUTERS

A man has been sereverly injured after he was assaulted by protesters, minutes after he drove into them on the highway – By Gerald Gekara.

The tanker drove through thousands of people who were marching on a Minneapolis highway to protest the death of George Floyd on Sunday before protesters dragged the driver, and beat him.

According to authorities, no protester was injured when the truck raced towards them.

Police arrived soon after and arrested the truck driver, who was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, MNDPS said.

“The incident just underscores the volatile situation we have out there,” Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said.

This is the second incident of a vehicle driving at people protesting Floyd’s death after a New York City Police car was captured on video on Saturday driving into a crowd of protesters.


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