Media restricted from live streaming Linturi-Kaitany divorce proceedings

BY PRUDENCE WANZA – Lawyers in  Linturi – Kitany divorce case have agreed that the media shall not be allowed to stream live proceedings of the case. 

However, the mater will continue to be heard in public and the media has been allowed to take recordings and listen during the proceedings to compile their reports. 

Linturi’s lawyer, Muthomi Theonkalou told the court that both parties made a decision to have the case heard in public.

“This was a decision of the parties in the matter and anyone aggrieved should direct their anger to the parties, not the court,” said Muthomi.

Kitany’s lawyer Danstan Omari told the court that the judiciary is undergoing transformational changes such as digitization of processes.
He went on to tell the court that the media has assisted the judiciary with no pay to keep records adding that he was able to access all the questions Linturi’s lawyer asked Kitany in cross-examination from YouTube.

Omari said that in pushing of digitalization agenda there will always be a starting point which looks like an abnormality, such as in this case where divorce proceedings were heard live and in public.

The lawyers have also scaled down on the number of witnesses to testify.
Chief Magistrate Peter Gesora has adopted the agreement of the lawyers urging the media to continue reporting the responsibly to the public.

The hearing of the case will proceed on 24th-26th,September 2019.