Ministry of Youth Affairs, UON, Dutch Varsity to Train 1Million on Climate Adaptation and Leadership

    One million (1,000,000) Kenyan youth will benefit from leadership and climate adaptation training to provide them with the necessary knowledge and abilities to address problems brought on by climate change.

    The partnership agreement signed today on the sidelines of the Africa Climate Summit 2023 by the ministry, the Global Centre on Adaptation, the University of Nairobi, and the University of Groningen made this possible.

    CS Ababu Namwamba, who announced the development, stated that it was time for African youth to assume a significant part in climate adaptation in order to offer creative solutions to the climate challenges facing the African continent.

    “The time to talk is over. It is the time to act now! We must build the capacity of young people to be effective warriors for climate adaptation,” beamed CS Ababu, “As an outcome of the Africa Climate Summit, I am delighted to announce a historic partnership between my ministry, the Global Center on Adpatation, the University of Nairobi and the University of Groningen to train 1000,000 Youth Green Army on adaptation and leadership,” he enthused.

    According to CS Ababu, the programme will use a train of trainers to mobilise, create awareness, and strengthen the resilience of local communities through the use of music, cinema, fashion, pageantry, arts, drama, and sports.

    “We are going to deploy music, arts and the whole creative ecosystem to come up with innovative solutions to the climate change challenges bedeviling our continent. By training and certifying the one million green Army, we are building a formidable base of warriors ready to combat the challenges we face as a continent, relating to climate change. Each youth under this programme will receive a certificate to advance careers in climate action,” CS Ababu noted.

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