Mombasa: 3 Terror Suspects Detained For 15 Days

Mombasa Court has ordered 15 days custody of 3 suspects in connection with the Mombasa terror attacks.

The three terror suspects apprehended on the eve of New Year’s Day were plotting terror attack in Mombasa will remain in custody for 15 days after the prosecution successfully moved the court to grant them more days to conclude investigations.

Aisha Abdalla Musa, Mistwah Kassim, and Musab Abdulnasir were armed with a handgun with the intent of committing a crime in Mombasa during the festive season.

An investigating officer, Japheth Yagan, told a Mombasa Court that the handgun, a Glock pistol serial number 187, which had already been submitted to ballistic specialists in Nairobi for examination, had previously been used to perpetrate crime in Kisauni districts.

The three accused were brought before Senior Resident Magistrate Rita Orara in Mombasa.

Police informed the magistrate that they were yet to complete their investigations and hence required extra time.

According to the investigator, the suspects provided incorrect passwords for their mobile phones, which blocked the devices and made data retrieval difficult. Their phones were sent to Nairobi for additional extraction and examination, as well as transmission to other specialists.

They also refused to reveal their bank accounts in order to assist police in their investigations.

The suspects were apprehended on their way to Diani, Kwale County, where they planned to meet two other suspects who are still at large, according to police.

During the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Diani, there was knowledge of an upcoming terrorist attack on social entertainment venues.

Police were able to disrupt the suspects’ preparations by detaining two of them, who led police to the third suspect’s residence, where the plans were still being carried out.

According to the officer, the suspects disguised themselves as motorbike delivery riders in portions of Mombasa in order to enhance their terror operations by identifying potential attack sites.