Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Unveils His Cabinet

Ten county executive committee members have been proposed by the governor (CEC).

Governor of Mombasa Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir has proposed candidates for the county cabinet.

Ten county executive committee members have been proposed by the governor (CEC).

Francis Foleni Thoya has been proposed for the position of department head for waste management and the environment.

Solid waste removal, transportation, and disposal are the department’s responsibilities. In the past, solid waste was a known threat to the county.

The department of education and digital transformation will be headed by Dr. Mbwarali Kame.

Early childhood education and technical and vocational training policymaking and implementation will be handled by the department.

Evans Oanda will serve as the department’s head of finance and economic planning, which is in charge of creating and overseeing the county’s microeconomic policies.

According to the most recent county nominations, Dr. Swabah Ahmed will lead the county’s health department.

The department will be in charge of formulating regulations that will ensure that the residents of Mombasa have access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare.
The nominees for the departments of transportation and infrastructure, lands, urban renewal, and housing are Daniel Otieno and Mohamed Hussein Mohamed, respectively.

In the department of Water, Natural Resources, and Climate Change Resilience, Emily Achieng Okello has the duty of making sure Mombasa citizens have good access to clean, safe, and reliable water supply.

Kenneth Muigai has been appointed to the county cabinet in the administration, youth, gender, social services, and sports departments.

Kibibi Abdalla Khamis has been nominated to head the Department of Blue Economy,

Agriculture, and Livestock, despite the fact that Mombasa county is not primarily arable.

Mohamed Osman has been nominated to lead the Tourism, Culture, and Trade Department.

The nominations were made following a panel review after applicants were given a month to submit their applications, according to the governor.