Nairobbery: Avoid These Hotspots

Nairobi’s crime hotspots have been identified by the National Police Service, and the Nairobians have been advised to stay away from them at all costs. 

The NPS stated in a report on Monday that their data showed that the offenders are committing their crimes against all people, residential locations, and businesses, including M Pesa shops. 

The Thika highway; the Drive-In overpass to KCA, the KCA underpass, and the Total exit are among the sites that have been highlighted. 

Also mentioned are Globe Cinema and Kipande Road. 

Along Waiyaki Way, there are also ABC Place and Kangemi, as well as areas of the CBD like River Road, Archives, Kirinyaga road, and Fig Tree. 

The Service claimed that the gangs are responsible for violent robberies, carjackings, assaults, homicides, and break-ins.

Additionally, residents were urged to use less mobile phones, tablets, and computers while driving, refrain from carrying ATM cards unless absolutely essential, and calculate how much cash should be placed into their M-Pesa accounts.

When parking in a public space, avoid leaving bags, wallets, or any other expensive items on the chair. Also, keep your car doors locked and rolled up at all times.

Additionally, motorists are encouraged to be alert for any automobiles following them as they go home.

Watch out for vehicles parked too near to your gate and keep an eye out for strangers walking around your neighborhood.