State Officer In Trouble Over Affordable Housing Scam

A government official and an accomplice have been charged over a Sh 2 million affordable housing fraud.

Sheila Kamathi and Fredrick Gichuhi appeared before magistrate Wendy Micheni and denied several counts of conspiracy to defraud.

They were charged with conspiring to defraud Samuel Ngigi Kamau of Sh 621,000 between September 17, 2021 and March 15, 2022 under the false pretence that they would assist him in acquiring affordable Government Funded houses on Park Road in Ngara that were ready for sale under the Tenant Purchase Scheme.

They were also charged with another fraud case involving over Sh 1 million from various people under the guise of assisting them in obtaining affordable Government housing.

The accused pleaded with the court through their lawyer, Warui Maina, to be released on reasonable bail terms, citing their low income.

“Because the second accused is a civil servant, he is not a flight risk,” added Lawyer Maina.

They were released on Sh 500,000 bond or Sh 200,000 cash bail each.

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