Social media went abuzz after Nakuru East MP flaunted his polygamous marriage at a political rally.

After being invited by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, at the Inua Mama campaign, Nakuru East Member of Parliament David Gikaria seized the opportunity to introduce his two wives.

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Imechapishwa na Kevin Teya kwenye Jumamosi, 14 Septemba 2019
Nakuru East MP David Gikaria | VIDEO COURTESY

“I’m the Nakuru East MP and when one has a wife or wives, he has to acknowledge them. I have several Nakuru Town East First Ladies. Let me introduce them to you,” Gikaria said while beckoning his wives to the podium. This is Veronica Wairimu, she is the First Lady number one.” He said

“And this one is Dorcas Wangui, she is also the First Lady number one B. First Lady number one C is not here, but I will bring her here another day,” the MP said while embracing each of his two wives.”