New Program To Protect Poor Families From Human Trafficking

Written By Vanessa Kariuki || 

This morning, the Protection of Trafficking Persons in Climate Change Affected Counties Project was launched by the CS Labour and Social Protection, Florence Bore.

IOM Kenya and the US Embassy in Kenya are working with the ministry to direct resources toward protecting populations in low-income and high-poverty areas, especially those experiencing drought and famine as a result of unfavorable climate change.

Four villages in the Marsabit and Garissa  Counties will be the focus of the project’s trial phase.

PS Social Protection and Senior Citizens Affairs Mr. Joseph Motari, Ms. Gurung Pravina, Mr. Emrah Guler, Ms. Claire Thomas, a political officer from the US Embassy in Kenya, and Veronica Mwangi, the chairwoman of the Counter Trafficking Advisory Committee, were present.