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Opinion: Is DP Ruto’s Position in Jubilee tenable? Should he exit?

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The chicken have come home to roost for the Jubilee Party. Or whatever is left of it.
The ruling party, or the opposition depending with where you sit has two unofficial factions. One that is oscillating around DP Dr William Ruto and the Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju.Lest you forget, Tuju is a Cabinet Secretary in charge of Jubilee. And before you blink, you had better be aware that Tuju and Dr. Ruto are now political adversaries.Officially, President Uhuru Kenyatta is the defecto Jubillee leader. But since the handshake pronouncement with Raila Odinga, the President has never given the impression that he cares what Jubilee is all about. And for good reasons. He is focussed on his legacy monument in the name if the Big Four Agenda, the fight against corruption and service delivery.Meaning? The President is done with Jubilee. The party is history. The present now is in delivery of his promises to Kenya.
To achieve this, the President has transferred PDU to Dr.Fred Matiangi…the coordinator of all CSs…and currently the most ‘powerful’ man after Uhuru and Raila Odinga.So where in the current political mix is DP Ruto.
Prior to the 1997 elections, then President Moi was gunning for his final five year term as the President.
Moi was competing with Mwai Kibaki, Charity Ngilu, Raila Odinga and Wamalwa Kijana.Moi won. But he had to boost his numbers in Parliament. So he shook hands with Raila, and used Raila to retrench former VP George Saitoti and Joseph Kamotho from KANU.Now Raila us working with Uhuru. He is driving a referendum agenda. Will he neutralize DP Ruto?Or better still, is Matiangi the compromise candidate?

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