Orwoba Blocked From Making Defamatory Statements Against Senate Clerk

Milimani Commercial Court has issued orders restraining nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba from making any further defamatory statements against Clerk of the Senate Jeremiah Nyegenye.

In a matter filed by Jeremiah at Milimani and certified urgent by Milimani Commercial Magistrate Ruguru Ngotho, the Magistrate directed Jeremiah to serve his papers to Orwoba before October 11 when the court will give further directions.

“Pending the hearing of this application, an is granted restraining Orwoba , Abuga Makori on X, formerly Twitter, Lightcast tv kenya on Facebook and amakanji Thomas from publishing or reposting any publication against Jeremiah as a sexual predator. The Magistrate said they should not post any video clip where Orwoba portrays Jeremiah as such.”

Earlier on, Nyegenye through his lawyer had attempted pleading with Orwoba to retract her statements published on social media but the defiant Orwoba refused all efforts to have her retract.

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