Party stops at Space Lounge: Posh club gives in to Kilimani residents

Space Lounge, Nairobi | PHOTO COURTESY

BY FAITH MUTETE – Nairobi nightclub space lounge has officially been closed down, sending all its workers home due to the court order that it was issued.

The management gave off an emotional send off, promising its workers to pay them off o the first week of November.

“We have spent a lot of time together and made so many memories but now it is time to say goodbye to each other which is definitely not easy as goodbyes are the hardest…you will be missed by the heads of the company and well as it is said that goodbyes are the hardest,” the statement further read.

The Environment and Land Justice Loise Komingai put an order to NEEMA and Nairobi County Government to revoke permits issued to Kiza Restaurants, Space Lounge, Explorers Tavern and B Concept due to complaints from residents of noise pollution.


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