Paul Njuguna, suspect under trial for manslaughter, thrown out of court for ‘ranting’

David Njuguna is removed from the courtroom after he began speaking against the advice of his attorney. (7 News)

A United States of America citizen of Kenyan origin who is on trial for the murder of a Policeman was thrown out of his own case, for talking against the order of the court.

Paul Njuguna is facing trial after he was arrested for multiple offenses; Driving under the influence of marijuana, overspeeding, manslaughter and negligence.

While appearing before Judge Janet Kenton-Walker, Njuguna decided to speak his mind, against the will of the court. His lawyer Peter Ettenberg repeatedly asked Njuguna to stop.

But he kept talking, apologizing to the family of the state police, and questioned how his defence team presented his case. Njuguna claimed there was evidence the blood tested ( that was said to contain marijuana) in the case wasn’t his.

“I thought I could trust the system,” Njuguna said. “I’m very sorry. It was an accident.”

Eventually, Njuguna was thrown out of court, as the Judge called the defense lawyers and prosecutors to a sidebar.

The defense argues that there is no way to determine Njuguna was impaired while driving and contends he had a seizure before the crash.

The courtroom was cleared on Tuesday morning. The status of the trial remained unclear.