Power blackout reported as Kenya Meteorological department explains unusual Strong winds

If you were anywhere in and around Nairobi this evening, you may have seen the numerous advertisement billboards turn to mega flags in response to the sudden strong blowing winds.

The Kenya Meterological department has come out to explain to Kenyans as to why there has been major windfall around the southern parts of Kenya.

“What we are experiencing is a deep convective system☁️☁️ in the southern section of Kenya. This system is moving from the Coastal Kenya as it propagates inland toward South East low lands, Nairobi and Central parts of Kenya ↖️. ” Kenya Meteorological department tweeted

According to Science Direct, Convective systems are among the most dangerous atmospheric phenomena, frequently causing serious damages due to flash floods, strong gusts, and hail resulting sometimes in natural disasters.

The system is characterized by strong South easterly winds of about 15-20 Knots (25Kilometers per hour), updraft and downdraft winds with heavy convective rains.

Areas experiencing this phenomena around Nairobi was due to a localized storm resulting from an unstable atmosphere.