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Recipes with Mutete: A Healthy dose of Vegetable Rice

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BY FAITH MUTETE – So many are the days we just get home tired and lazy to cook but this doesn’t mean you can’t cook something healthy in a short while. Today we learn how to cook vegetable rice in some easy steps.


  1. Rice-depending on the number of people you’re cooking for
  2. 1 tablespoon salt
  3. 2 cloves crushed garlic
  4. Coriander leaves
  5. Cooking oil


  1. Measure the rice water in a suburbia depending on the amount of rice you’re cooking
  2. Add your rice and let it boil till cooked
  3. In another sufuria add your cooking oil red onions, garlic and salt, let it fry for a while until the onions change a little bit too partially brown.
  4. Take your boiled rice then mix it with the fried onions
  5. Add your coriander
  6. Mix them all well
  7. Your food is now ready to eat, and if you want you can eat it with any preferred stew.

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