Rihanna Addresses New Music Hysteria In Super Bowl Teaser

It’s been more than six years since Rihanna has released an album, and the roar of demand from fans for new music is deafening.

Rihanna hears you, she sees you, and she’s poking a little bit of fun.

The singer and fashion mogul has debuted a teaser for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show on social media in which she acknowledges the desire for some fresh tunes.

In the video, Rihanna is seen walking towards the camera, dressed to the hilt in what appears to be a black body suit, bright colored fur, big jewelry, stunning makeup (she is the creator of the Fenty line, after all) and an elaborate hairstyle.

Soundbites can be heard of people saying things like, “It’s been two thousand hundred ninety days,” “Rihanna, we’ve waited for you,” and “Rihanna is who everybody is waiting for” before they all merge into a cacophony of sound.

Rihanna then puts her finger to her lips in a “shhhh” gesture, while her 2016 song “Needed Me” can be heard playing with her singing, “You need me.”

Technically, there has been new music since her hit 2016 album, “Anti.”

Canadian singer PartyNextDoor dropped “PartyMobile” in 2020, which featured Rihanna on the song, “Believe It.”

Her song “Lift Me Up” from the “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” soundtrack was released last year and is an odds on favorite for an Academy Award nomination for best original song.