Three Suspects Arrested, Firearm Recovered In Kayole

Police officers from Kayole Police Station on Saturday 14, arrested 3 suspects in connection with a firearm.

According to the National Police Service (NPS), the officers launched a sting operation working on intelligence that a man was looking for ammunition and was suspected to be in possession of a firearm.

“The suspect was intercepted in Matopeni Area while aboard a motorcycle. A quick search revealed an empty magazine in the suspect’s pocket leading to the arrest of both men,” the NPS stated.

After further interrogation, the officers made the third arrest of a suspect, who was to supply ammunition to the main suspect, and the recovery of a pistol in the first suspect’s house.

“A further search of the house revealed a black plastic imitation firearm stashed in a shoe rack,” PS added.

All the suspects are currently in police custody awaiting arraignment in court.

“The National Police Service appreciates the support from members of the public through providing information that has led to the arrest of suspects and sustained the efforts to rid the city of illegal firearms.”