Ruto Accused of Defying Court Orders on Eviction of Minority Tribe​

    Human rights activists have slammed Kenya’s government for evicting members of the Ogiek Community from Mau Forest.

    Statistics indicate that more than 700 men, women, and children have been evicted from Mau after the government said that it had to do so in order to safeguard forest land.

    However, Activists have condemned the evictions and launched petitions to end the forcible relocation.

    The upshot of the case began In June 2022, when the African Court of Justice ordered that the government restitute land belonging to the Ogiek Community by demarcating and titling the land so as to clarify which areas of the Mau Forest traditionally belong to the community.

    The court determined that the community must be protected from further violations of human rights and that the community must legally own the land.

    That notwithstanding, more than a year later, the minority community awaits in vain to see the state effect the judgments of the African court.

    The Ogiek community wants the Mau Forest land demarcated as per the court order so that the government can conserve the rest.

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