Sarah Cohen denies murder charges, prosecution requests 5 days for witnesses-protection

BY PRUDENCE WANZA – Sarah Wairimu has denied charges of murdering his husband and Dutch business tycoon Tob Cohen.

Wairimu who has been in custody for the last 37 days finally pleaded to the charges before Lady Justice Stella Mutuku at the Milimani law courts.

She is accused of committing the offence on the night of 19th and 20th July, 2019.

Catherine Mwaniki for the prosecution asked the court to allow them five more days to put witnesses in the case under protection.

“In the interest of justice Tob Cohen also lost his right to life…we ask that this court balances the rights of Tob Cohen to life and those of the accused person,” said Mwaniki.

Sarah’s lawyer Philip Murgor objected to the prosecution’s request stating that she has already filed an application for bail which the prosecution has not replied to.

Murgor added that his client is not responsible for Tob Cohen’s murder.

“Indeed Tob Cohen had a right to life and those who took away his life should be held accountable. My client is not responsible for the death of Tob Cohen,” said Murgor

The judge declined to grant the five days requested by the prosecution to put witnesses under and instead asked the Prosecution to argue the bail application.

“I’m not going to the prosecution five days as they had more than enough time,” ruled the judge.

Tomorrow Friday 4th the court will listen and determine whether Wairimu will be released on bail or bond.