Schools reopen 9 months after COVID-19 suspended the 2020 calendar

The Ministry of Education made true its intent to reopen the education sector with a majority of schools registering near 90% attendance. – By Gerald Gekara.

The resumption of full capacity learning had earlier been met with criticism over children’s inability to maintain social distance.

However, in a high powered government delegation, President Uhuru Kenyatta assured citizens that the ministry was prepared to protect its children, and ensure that smooth learning resumed.

Education Ministry CS Prof. George Magoha directed teachers, and school administration to utilize space within schools so as to ensure that social distancing is maintained.

“We have said Social Distancing will not stop us from opening Schools. Dont tell us ‘they are not social distancing’ Go and keep it for yourself. We have asked teachers to be innovative to use every space, including open space such as under a tree. ” Magoha said.

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No Drama Festivals, No Prize Giving Day

Students will however face an extra-ordinary learning process, after a presidential order paper announced a cap in some of the school activities.

The Government has banned all extra-curricular activities such as sports, music and drama for 60 days to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus as schools re-open on Monday.

Special school days such as prize giving day or exchange visits that may involve more than one school have also been banned.

All non-essential school visits to school by parents of guardians have also been prohibited unless under exceptional instances in which visitors will be subject to infection-prevention protocols.

Teachers and care givers who are above 58 years old or other members of staff who have pre-existing conditions will be allowed to deliver their duties remotely or hold their classes in open places with natural flow of air.