Senator Wamatangi: from car hawker to PHD glory, fame

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BY PRUDENCE WANZA- The name Paul Kimani may not ring a bell to you…but those who were rich enough to buy a car between 1997 and 2002 have an idea.

Kimani was a celebrated car dealer operating an international car import and export company at Kenyatta International Conference Centre(Lower Ground).Then Kimani hobnobbed with KANU top brass who frequently his hustle at KICC, then KANU headquarters.

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KICC building.

Mr. Kimani remained rooted there until 2003 when he was violently evicted by Raphael Tuju, then a Minister for tourism and blue eyed boy of the new President Mwai Kibaki Government.

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Raphael Tuju, then minister for Tourism in Kibaki Government

Tuju, using an executive order signed by President Kibaki declared KICC a Government building and evicted various KANU tenants from the building…it was after this episode Kimani Wa Magari become Kimani Wa Matangi….

But it was not him alone…other tenants were swept out of the building by the Tuju broom…

And as proof of no man is limited…Kimani Wa Matangi was yesterday awarded a Doctorate Degree in Humanity from LeadImpact University in appreciation of service rendered to the community by the Wamatangi Foundation.…what a turnaround!

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Senator Wamatangi (left) receiving a honorary doctorate in humanity from LeadImpact University Archbishop Cletus Bassey at the Mahanaim Educational Institute in Nairobi.