Simon Kiungua: The Missing Math Genius from the University of Nairobi

The University of Nairobi Class of 1984 still wonders where their top achiever and genius disappeared to.

Simon Peter Kiungua disappeared to after scoring a first Class Degree in Mathematics.
He got a straight scholarship from the UoN and cleared his masters degree in a record one and half years.

After that Kiungua was given yet another scholarship, this time, to California University.

Kiungua, whose comes from Matungulu Division of Machakos County scored straight A’s in all units in 1984, long before Google become a teaching aid.

However, the former comrades at UoN have never met him, and attempts to get in touch have been fruitless.
“Simon was a unique talent and genius. He excelled in the academia world..and sports world…he was a gentleman per excellence..the undisputed class leader”, said former Matungu Mp David Were.

The former legislator however says their former colleague is said to be in the US but says such talent should be sought and given State appointments because they are very talented.

He says Kiungua is a role model who should be in Kenya, building the nation. The former assistant Minister in the Ministry of Information and Communication during Kibakis time says there are many other Kiunguas out there who need to come back home and serve the nation.