Solid Evidences Explaining Why Sanguine Friend Is Good For Your Career Development

BY FAITH MUTETE – The diversity in life, is what makes life worth living, and diversity does not only come in external things like food, color, places to visit, choices and preferences of different things but also in internal things like personalities.

Many are the days where we as humans just want to fit in and be in an environment that gives us peace because we are surrounded by people who think and act like us but this is not the reality of life.

Every day we meet and associate with people of different attitudes, people of different tastes and preferences and people of different moods and without enough knowledge of diversity it is easy to misunderstand them and get the wrong picture about them

Today we are going to get a little bit educated on personalities, the different types and majorly the sanguine temperament


Well this is that noisy ,everywhere ,over hugging and over indulging friend, Yes that friend that you always think is high on something because of their insane energy levels that seem to be feeding on glucose alone.

Well guess what they are not crazy, neither are they high on anything but it’s just their personality.

Sanguines are the most interesting people on earth and live for the highs of life, they have zero to no tolerance of boredom and will always look for a way even if it means climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro bare footed to light up the room.

They are lively, carefree, and optimistic and love adventure, this guys live for the party life and are very creative and due to this they can thrive quite well in the entertainment industry or anything that involves art.

They also love a luxurious life and unlike choleric who spend their time looking for money, if you ever need someone to finish your money in a minute sanguine are the people to call. They will literally travel from here to Timbuktu and still have time and energy to repeat it tomorrow.

They are not your normal Netflix and chill girlfriends or boyfriends, no they are the breakfast in Italy, lunch in Paris and dinner in Rome kind of people. Due to this they really do well with fellow sanguine as partners because they can do this things together.

They have quite a history when it comes to dating different people and are the kindest people on earth because their relationships are not based on control but basically having a good time together.

But when it comes to finishing takes they are not the right people to go to because of their spontaneous nature that wants to do different things at the same time, despite this they are very knowledgeable about everything and anything and are walking encyclopedia.

So you can breathe easily and understand that explosive sanguine friend you have because your assured of a fun lifetime with them around.