T-Mall flyover to be completed in 2024 — KeNHA

Construction of the T Mall Flyover at Lang’ata Road and footbridges across Mbagathi Way and at Nyayo Stadium will be ready in 36 months time.- By Gerald Gekara.

According to the Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA), the project is part of an integrated program that will alleviate traffic congestion and increase pedestrian security as well as improve traffic flow on Langata Road.

The project is a visible evidence of the mutual Bilateral Financial Cooperation Agreement between Spain and Kenya. CENTUNION Espanola de Coordinacion Tecnica Y Financiera, SA of Spain will undertake the construction.

The EUR 23,250,000.00 (Ksh3.01 Billion) project will be implemented in 7 main phases to ensure minimal traffic interruption.

Phase 1: Road Widening. – Road widening works will take place along Langata road (between Wilson airport. T-Mall Roundabout and Nairobi River). The road will be fenced from the outside to allow the works.

Phase 2: Piling Works. – The existing median and inner lanes of Langata will be fenced to allow piling works between Wilson airport, and T-Mall Roundabout. Traffic will circulate through the newly expanded lanes on Langata Road.

Phase 3: Piling, Foundation works. – Piling and foundation works will continue between Wilson airport and T-Mall Roundabout. Road widening works will resume on Langata Road between T-Mall Roundabout and Nairobi River. New fencing will be added to allow the works.

Phase 4: Piling, Foundation works. – Piling works will continue between T-Mall Roundabout and Nairobi River. The existing median and inner lanes will be fenced to allow the works.

Phase 5: Foundation works. – Foundation works will continue on Langata Road between Wilson airport, T-Mall Roundabout and Nairobi River Fencing will remain to separate motorists and works.

Phase 6: Erection Works. – Foundations works will continue during day hours. Erection works will take place during night hours. Traffic will be diverted through one side of Langata Ros only at night)

Phase 7: Remaining civil works. – The erection process will be completed, as well as the remaining civil works. Fences and other traffic measures will be eased progressively.

The project is expected to ease traffic flow along the busy road, factoring in non motorized transport as well as pedestrian footbridges to provide safe passage to pedestrians.