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The Saitoti lesson DP Ruto must confront

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On 9th February 2002, an angry Vice President Professor George Saitoti assembled a rally at his Kajiado North Constituency.

Saitoti accused his enemies (read President Moi) of undermining him using illiterate leaders. The illiterate leader was supposedly Daniel Ole Muyaa, the then powerful Olkajiado Chairman.

Professor Saitoti was, however, being diplomatic. His real enemy was President Moi, who had endorsed Uhuru Kenyatta as his preferred successor.

Fast forward to 2020… 11th January 2020

DP William Ruto accuses Raila Odinga and ODM of manipulating the BBI initiative to campaign for the Presidency in 2022 by assembling his campaign secretariat using public funds.
DP Ruto pointedly avoids accusing his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta of betrayal.

Interestingly, Raila Odinga is the common denominator in the imminent Jubillee implosion and that of KANU in 2002.
KANU and President Moi used a merger deal with Raila’s NDP to any hopes Saitoti had of ever succeeding Moi.

The script may be different and the scenario between 2002 and 2022 may be different. One thing is however clear. Like the 2002 scenario, Ruto’s political goose is cooked.

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