Train Fares to Go Up Starting January 1, 2024

Kenya Railways has announced a fare adjustment for several of its services, including the Madaraka Express Passenger Service, Madaraka Express Commuter Service, Nairobi Commuter Rail Service, Kisumu Safari Train, and Nanyuki Safari Train.

In a notice on November 1, Kenya Railways said the fare adjustment, necessitated by changes in the energy and petroleum sector, will come into effect on January 1, 2024.

The notice also shows the cost of traveling by SGR on First Class from Nairobi to Mombasa will rise by Ksh.1,500 from Ksh.3,000 to ksh.4,500.

On the other hand, passengers using Economy Class on the Nairobi-Mombasa route will pay Ksh.500 more as the cost rises to Ksh.1,500 from the previous Ksh.1,000.

“This increase is informed by changes in the energy and petroleum sector where prices of fuel have significantly increased thus affecting the cost of our operations,” said Kenya Railways, in a statement.

It added that passengers making advance purchases for the Madaraka Express passenger service will notice the adjusted fares starting today.

Some of the reviewed fares are as follows:

First class; Nairobi to Mariakani (Sh4,310), Athi River to Mombasa (Sh4,340), Emali to Mombasa (Sh3,350) and Voi to Mombasa (Sh1,320).

Economy class; Nairobi to Mariakani (Sh1,500), Athi River to Mombasa (Sh1,430), Emali to Mombasa (Sh1,100) and Voi to Mombasa (Sh440).

Those plying the Nairobi-Suswa route will pay as follows;

Nairobi to Suswa/Mai Mahiu (Sh250), Nairobi to Rongai/Ngong (Sh130).

Those leaving Rongai heading to Ngong will pay sh70 as the rest pay sh130 for commuting between Rongai to Mai Mahiu and Suswa, Ngong to Mai Mahiu and Suswa and Mai Mahiu to Suswa.

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Children between three and 11 years old travelling with adults will pay half the price as those above 11 years pay full price.

The company encouraged customers to plan accordingly for the revised fares that will be in effect from the beginning of next year.