Tupige Kura,Tungojee Matokeo Nyumbani

We all want to live in an orderly society that respects the rule of law, and one that is considerate to the wellbeing of its people. But sometimes, some of us feel it is the responsibility of people other than ourselves, to remain orderly. However, in peace and coexistence, we all have a role to play.

In today’s poll, after you have made your decision known at the ballot, we ask that you support our security efforts by waiting for the poll results at the comfort of your homes.

Our dedicated officers at each polling centre will provide security, usher you into polling centres at the break of dawn, and lead you through designated poll areas. They will also guide you as you make your exit from the polling centres. This is what the extensive training on election preparedness conducted across the country was set to achieve; provision of services that are human centred.

We urge the public to be considerate to the sick, pregnant women, disabled persons, and the elderly. As we exercise our right to vote, let’s also allow those with special needs the convenience to make their poll decisions.

Lastly, we assure the public of adequate security across the country to guarantee credible poll by the IEBC

To report an emergency of any nature, kindly reach us on

FichuaKwaDCI 0800 722 203.

To seek assistance or report a case of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, call us on our SGBV toll-free No. 0800 730 999.

To reach NPS – National Election Security Command Centre, call:

0779 756 616
0779 756 615
0779 756 617
0779 756 606

Kindly reach us on these numbers when need arises. We are always at your service.