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Friday, September 17, 2021

Ugly twitter war between journalist and El-Geyo Marakwet Senator Murkomen leaves Kenyans in awe

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An ugly exchange between KTN news show host Tony Gachoka and El-Geyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen took kenyans aback after what started as Murkomen’s wish to have Kimwarer dam project implemented in his county.

It was then that the Point Blank show host, Tony Gachoka came out guns blazing at the senator, stating that the president cancelled the project after “unimaginable looting”

“@kipmurkomen Uhuru cancelled this your pet project of Kimwarer Dam because of unimaginable looting; how the leadership of the rift including you can steal from their own people and deny them prosperity later to blame Mt. Kenya and our President is beyond me. #RutoSnubsMurkomen” – Tony Gachoka

What followed was a bitter exchange of words that mentioned the long lost ICC case against William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Concentrate on attacking William Ruto at point blank. The last time you swore with all your life that UhuRuto will be jailed in Hague when did the President become yours ?” – Murkomen tweeted

“@kipmurkomen Mt. Kenya & Kikuyu Rift Valley will never forget why Uhuru @StateHouseKenya was dragged to The Hague by actions of DP William Ruto; so am off to #KTNPointblank to remind our people that this marriage is fake & was built on the blood of our people! #RutoSnubsMurkomen” — Tony Gachoka responded

Kenyans who gazed on in awe, reacted the the hot debate, with a section of them blastin the journalist for unprofessional practise.

” Which elective post does Gachoka hold in his world of imagination / Mt Kenya kindly stick to Gedion moi studios”

“The problem He it’s twitting from Bar somewhere in Koinage since when he become spokesman for mt Kenya together with Waiguru, Sheitaniiiii”

“Are you insinuating DP Ruto was rightfully at the Hague…. Don’t put us back to war……”

“I have now believed that this Tony Gachoka is under the influence of some deadly stuff. The last time he appeared this drunk at JKL in KTN, Jeff was in trouble. Someone should ensure that he stays indoors lest he mess up with other people.”

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