Uhuru vows to guillotine thieves

PHOTO: Courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta has called upon Kenyans to maintain peace and unity during this time when country is fighting corruption saying the two are key determinants of national development.

Uhuru assured the country of his solid commitment to the ongoing fight against corruption and asked leaders to stop politicising the war on graft.

He urged Kenyans to join hands and fighting corruption which he said is the greatest impediment to the country’s growth.

“Please let us not politicize the war on corruption. When an individual is stealing public resources he doesn’t do so on behalf of his family or community. Therefore, anyone who is implicated should carry their own cross,” the President said.

The President stressed that a strong and progressive nation is determined by its people working together in unity and therefore urged Kenyans to strengthen the family unit as the foundation of a cohesive nation.

“If the country is built on good family values especially those that lay emphasis on unity, peace and love, then it will prosper but if it doesn’t focus on these values it will not grow,” the President said.

He said through unity, Kenyans will be able to solve the challenges they face and called for continuous pursuit of peace that ensures all people exist in harmony with each other.

The President said this morning when he joined the Catholic faithful for a Sunday mass at the St. Francis of Assis Parish Church in Ruiru,Kiambu County where he gave a donation of Sh3 million and further made a pledge of Sh4million to help construct a new church.

He said as a country which adheres to the rule of law, all institutions mandated to lead the war on graft will not be interfered with and that everyone will be presumed innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

“As a nation which observes the rule of law, we should allow our institutions mandated to deal with corruption to do their work independently and ensure all suspects are treated equally,” said the President.

The mass was also attended by acting Kiambu Governor James Nyoro among other national and local leaders.