Witness Narrates Pain, Horror After Former Tetu MP Assault

A witness in the case where former Tetu MP James Ndung’u Gethenji is facing assault charges has narrated to the court the pain he has endured after the assault.

Appearing before Milimani Magistrate Muthoni Nzibe, Godfrey Kirimi Mutua the victim said he was assaulted by Gethenji on February 5,2021while on his normal duties.

Ndungu is charged that on February 5, 2021, at Kihingo villageCounty assaulted Godfrey Kirimi Mutua thereby occasioning him actual bodily harm. 

Kirimi said he currently works with FAPCL group that deployed him to work at Kitsuru Estate working as a security officer based at Kihingo village Kitsuru westlands Sub-County.

He said that on the day of the incident, the former MP came holding his pistol at hand. “I asked him why he was holding the gun and we normally open for him, “said the witness.

Kirimi said that after he asked Getheni that question, he came out of his car and started assaulting him together with his bodyguards and they were also shouting. “Gethenji hit me on the face with a pistol as the bodyguard cocked his gun and ndung’u hit me shouting that I should know people,” he added.

He added that after the commotion the police officers together with other guards came in and Gethenji shouted that security guards should know people. 

Kirimi says he supervises securex security guards who manage Kihingo security and during the incident, he was acting on the order from the management to check on all the vehicles.

He said that he reported the matter to his bosses who advised him to report to Gigiri Police Station. “I later went to MP Shah Hospital for treatment, “said Kirimi.

Kirimi was cross-examined by Lawyers Willis Otieno and Ishmael Nyaribo who wanted him to produce his Job Identification card and work permit.

Kirimi also Identified Gethenji as the one who assaulted him. When he was asked whether he knew that there were differences between directors, Kirimi told the court that they were employed by the directors but by then he didn’t know that there was war and division among the directors. 

The prosecution intends to produce CCTV footage of the scene which will be played in court at a later date.

“I went to mpisha Hospital for treatment, including stitches on injuries, I was also given a P3 form to fill,” he added. He said that he has never had a difference with the accused person. He also identified the firearm that was used to hit him. 

The said firearm was produced in court as a prosecution exhibit. The matter will continue on May 14, 2023.