Where Is Museveni: Uganda President Skips Africa Climate Summit

President Yoweri Museveni will not be among 26 African Presidents attending the Africa Climate Summit.

Museveni was expected to moderate a session on Tuesday (September 5, 2023), according to Ruto.

Uganda’s President, on the other hand, is represented by three ministers: Sam Cheptoris (water and environment), Beatrice Anywar (environment and state), and Judith Nabakoba (lands).

The African Union and the Kenyan government have called the meeting to provide political guidance to African negotiators at COP28 (climate change), which will be held later this year in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

A total of 26 African presidents are expected by the end of the summit.

Ruto opened the meeting on September 4, 2023, with a strong call for Africa to stop viewing itself as a victim of climate change and to recognize Africa as a provider of climate change solutions.

He stated that Africa provides 60% of the minerals required in the renewable energy sector, providing an opportunity for value addition through industrialization, which can provide green jobs, improve livelihoods, and restore the environment in Africa.

The meeting includes carbon trade engagements, which promise to create opportunities for communities and the private sector to earn money through various initiatives such as tree planting and energy efficient technologies such as cooking stoves and solar power plants.

The countries are displaying green technologies such as electric cars, as well as collaborative efforts such as cobalt extraction and processing between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.

Cheptoris, Anywar, and Nabakooba are expected to speak on various panels.