United Airlines Resumes Flights After Computer Glitch

FILE - In this Oct. 15, 2020, file photo, a United Airlines airplane takes off over a plane on the runway at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco. United Airlines warns that bookings are slowing down and cancellations are on the rise as coronavirus cases spike across the U.S. The number of people flying in the United States is down about 65% from a year ago, and airlines were hoping that the upcoming holidays would mean an increase in leisure travel. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, File)

United Airlines flights have resumed after a brief nationwide ground stop due to a computer problem, according to the airline.

The airline initially stated on Tuesday afternoon that it was “experiencing a systemwide technology issue.” Planes on the ground were grounded, while flights currently in the air continued on their scheduled routes, according to the airline.

United announced an hour later that the problem had been resolved and that the ground stop had been lifted.

The ground stop caused 211 flights across the country to be delayed. The precise reason for the ground stop is unknown.

Social media users reacted quickly to news of the ground stop.

‘United Airlines about to have the worst day of the decade,’ read one post on X.

‘Someone get Mayor Pete on the phone!’ read another post about secretary of transportation Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg issued a statement saying he was aware of the ground top.

‘FAA is currently receiving more information about the cause and scope of the issue, and DOT will make sure UA meets its obligations to affected passengers,’ he posted on X. 

‘We are experiencing a systemwide technology issue and are holding all aircraft at their departure airports,’ United told DailyMail.com during the ground stop. 

‘Flights that are already airborne are continuing to their destination as planned. We’re currently investigating and will share more information as it becomes available.’

The ground stop came during the last day of Labor Day weekend travel.

United had predicted it would have its busiest Labor Day Weekend on record, expecting 2.8 million passengers from Wednesday to Tuesday.

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