Antibiotic-resistant superbugs kill 32 plane-loads of people a week.

Antibiotics can be a wonder for treating bacterial infections – but we need to be cautious in how we use them. From

You might think antibiotic resistance is something to worry about in the distant future. But it’s already having a deadly impact today.

The number of people dying globally every week from antibiotic resistant infections is equivalent to 32 Boeing 747s full of people. And if that sounds scary, the projections for the future are even scarier.

On today’s episode of Trust Me, I’m An Expert we ask you to imagine a future where more and more antibiotics don’t work any more – and hear from researchers about how you can help scientists fight back.

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Phoebe Roth, Deputy Editor, Health+Medicine, The Conversation and Sunanda Creagh, Head of Digital Storytelling, The Conversation

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