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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Apple scraps off stalker app that spies on Instagram user’s activity

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Apple has banned Like patrol, an app that lets people monitor other peoples activities on instagram.

The move comes days after Instagram sent the developer behind the app a cease and desist letter demanding that it stops providing its services to users.

The app has been under scrutiny for scrapping peoples data without their consent thus interfering with individual privacy.

Like Patrol could notify users which posts their friends had “liked” and who they had recently followed.

In an article by BBC news the app developer, Sergio Luis Quintero insisted that the app merely uses public data and that plans are underway to challaenge the ban by Apple.

“We plan to appeal this decision in the coming days,” he said in the article.

Instagram had criticized the software saying that it violated its policies by scraping peoples data.

However, Quintero did not welcome the criticism adding that the app never collected data from Instagram users as it only provided users with a tool to rearrange information that is already available to them.

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