Bishops: Foster faith in God to beat COVID-19 ‘New normal’

Father Kinyanjui
Speaking during a live Holy Mass aired by KBC Channel 1, Father David Kinyanjui said COVID-19 is an invisible enemy with no cure at hand. | PHOTO COURTESY -- KBC

Catholic bishops have urged Kenyans to exercise resilience and hope during turbulent times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While addressing the faithful in a live Holy Mass aired on KBC Channel 1, Father David Kinyanjui continued to beackon those who had lost their loved ones, sources of livelihood and their investments, to not resolve to violence, but rather keep their faith in God as they live in the new normal.

He cautioned perpetrators of societal vices such as domestic violence, murder, and teenage pregnancy, to change their ways and look up to God.

“It is not the time for Christians to live in fear. We should keep our hope and faith in God during this period,” Father Kinyanjui urged.

Father Kinyanjui urged Christians follow safety protocols as set by the Ministry of Health in combating the disease.

“COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty and many have given up. It is during such times that God shows Himself to us. Christ comes at the least expected time,” he said

He encouraged parents to lead their children in the right way, terming negligence as the leading cause of teenage pregnancies.The Priest urged Christians to call on God in dangerous and desperate times.

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