Bundle Of Joy: Malindi Woman Births Quadruplets

Written By Ramadhan Kambi  📝

A woman in Malindi, Kilifi County has given birth to quadruplets, eliciting excitement at the Malindi Sub County hospital where the  33-year-old woman gave birth.

Grace Kavumbi who comes from Kisumu-ndogo area within Malindi town was all smiles after delivering the two boys and two girls safely through an operation.

The mother and all the babies are safe though the infants will stay in incubators for 10 more days before they are all released to go home.

The media, together with Malindi Parliamentary aspirant Kenneth Karisa visited the mother at the Masoud wing of the sub-county hospital and found her in a jovial mood as she could not believe that she had delivered the quadruplets.

Speaking at the hospital, Ms. Kavumbi said she was happy that the entire process of pregnancy and delivery though through Cesarean had gone successful.

“Doctors informed me earlier when I was still pregnant that I would give birth to four children. At first, I could not believe it until after delivery when I saw the four children and believed in what I had been told by the health officials,” she said in the interview.

Currently, Kavumbi has six children.

“The first pregnancy I gave back to twins, but one passed away the second one was single a girl, this is the third pregnancy I have given birth to two boys and two girls so far I have six children,” she said.

She said she had already named the children Chrispus Ngua, Melinia Mhenzwi, Christophe Baya, and Melina Maua.

Karisa together with his supporters who had visited her gave her lots of gifts from pampers, always, and other baby items for the children and the mother.

The Malindi parliamentary hopeful hailed Kavumbi for getting the four children terming it as a God-given gift.

“This is a good sign that there is a good gift that has come 0on the first day of fasting, four children double Chris and double Melin mine is to congratulate her and call upon other leaders and well-wishers to visit her and offer her many gifts as she comes from a poor family,” he said.

Mr. Karisa said he would continue visiting the family even in future so as to assist her in bringing up the children.

“At times it is important to take a break from the politics and focus on aspects of humanity so as to help people,” he said during the interview.

Patience Kipusa a resident of Malindi and politician hailed the mother and called up0on men to respect women as they have huge responsibility of bearing children.

“I would like all leaders to come in and support this woman because its not easy to go through such a process successfully, right now the mother will not be able to do any sort of work because she would be taking care of the four children,” he said.

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