Drink-Driving Rwandan MP Resigns And Apologises

A Rwandan MP, who resigned from parliament on Monday, has apologized for “drink-driving”.

On Monday, parliament approved the resignation of Gamariel Mbonimana for “personal reasons”.

It was a day after President Paul Kagame criticized an MP, who he didn’t name, for drink-driving.

In a statement on Twitter, Mr. Mbonimana apologized to Rwandans and the president, adding that he has “decided not to take alcohol anymore”.

Drink-driving carries a fine of 150,000 Rwandan francs ($140; £120), and five days in police custody following an arrest.

In his remarks over the weekend, Mr. Kagame criticised police for not arresting the MP because of “his immunity”.

Mr Mbonimana was an MP since 2018. He’s a member of the Liberal Party, an ally of Mr. Kagame’s ruling party, RPF.

Liberal Party vice president Théogène Munyangeyo told the state broadcaster that they “had never seen him drinking alcohol before”.